Department of Agadatantra, Vyavahara Ayurveda evum Vidhivaidyaka

The department of Agadatantra/Toxicology is one among the clinical specialty of Ayurveda. This branch will teach three different aspects in Ayurveda Curriculum. The Agadatantra deals with the study and management of different types of poisonous animals, plants and minerals. The Vyavahara Ayurveda or Forensic Medicine will teach the application of medical science in legal matters which will help the legal authorities to complete the legal procedures. The Vidhivaidyaka/Medical Jurisprudence teaches the students to become a professional doctor by learning the duties, rules, ethical aspects of medical profession. A well-equipped museum with different specimens and models is associated with the department to learn about the different aspects of this branch.

Departmental Postings

Post-mortem Posting

As a part of curriculum there will be a one month observational posting of Post-mortem procedure at Coimbatore Medical College. This will help to learn the role of medical practitioners in helping the legal authorities to get the findings from a dead body.

Court Posting

There will be a one month observational posting regarding the court procedures at Coimbatore District Court. This posting will help the students to observe and learn the role and duties of medical practitioners inside the court during a case trial.

Clinical Posting

A posting to acquire the folklore way of managing the various poisonous animal bites such as snake, scorpion, spider etc. will be arranging at different centres in Kerala. This will help to acquire vast knowledge in the management of such cases.

Garden visit

Visits to different botanical gardens will be arranged in order to observe and learn about different poisonous plants, their antidotes and to collect the specimens for fixing as herbarium.