Department of Kriya Shareera

The Kriya Shareera department of RVS Ayurveda College imparts our knowledge of human physiology to students of 1st year BAMS. This subject provides the ground base knowledge of body function and its analysis which helps in critical understanding of diseases.

Modern physiology importance is emphasised and a comparative study of both Ayurveda and Modern views are encouraged for the better understanding in the subject.

Apart from classes taken seminar and even presentation are also being conducted in the department.

Besides the theoretical class, practical classes are also conducted is kriya shareera lab. The laboratory is well equipped with an assortment of stethoscope, microscope, sphygmomanometer (B.P Apparatus) and other Laboratory paraphernalia. These practical knowledges will able the students to lead and understand the various medical investigations reportsand co-relate the clinical symptoms and able to understand the severity of illness and helps to one better way of treatment aspect.