Department of Rachana Sareera

Department of Rachana Sareera is dedicated to understand the fundamentals of human anatomy. Rachana Sareera literally means the structural components of the human body. The department is concerned with academic orientation of macro anatomy and micro anatomy of the human body. The structure of human body is taught through lectures, cadaver dissections, study of bones, charts and models. The facilities include adequate cadavers for human dissection, osteology, storage facility, binocular microscopes, dissection tables and a well updated department library. Students are well trained with the help of live specimens, models and also through cadaveric dissections.

The department strives to elucidate the study and organization of the human body whilst correlating with its function. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on clinically relevant anatomy of the human body as an integral part of the undergraduate medical program leading to the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery ( B.A.M.S) degree.