Department of Sanskrit Samhitha and Siddhanta

The department is one of the integral components of Ayurvedic studies. The department provides teaching and training of fundamental principles’ of Ayurvedic Darshanas (Indian Metaphysics), Ayurvedic history and Sanskrit language. So this department imparts the introduction to Ayurvedic science and Ayurvedic curriculum. Largest proportion of study materials prescribed in the first profession curriculum is handled by this department. Department is engaged in conveying basic principles of Ayurveda for the better understating and treatment principles.

Specialties of this department are

  • Conducting 10 days Sanskrit Shibhiram in the campus every year.

  • Interested candidates are permitted to participate in the sanskrit camp conducted by Samskrita Bharati (off campus).

  • 2 days camp- Bhashabhodana Varga (workshop for grammer and   slogas). It will help the students for the easy understanding of Ayurvedic textbooks.

  • Shishyopanayana Samskara is also conducted every year.

  • Daily parayana of Ashtanga Hrudaya (to make the students thorough with   the slogas and to analyze them critically).

  • Students are provided with pathraladwara samskritham ( distant   education programme for BA sanskrit).

  • Well maintained department library.