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The “Knowledge of life and longevity” as the word meaning of Ayurveda goes, is perhaps the oldest existing body of knowledge on the healing process. This holistic and natural healing system was developed by highly evolved spiritual beings who not only addressed the problems of the body and mind, but also of the human spirit and consciousness. This knowledge system, which is in perfect harmony with the Indian thought process, and the origin of which can be traced to the Vedas, does not aim at mere cure of the disease syndrome, Instead, it looks to reharmonise the living body and restore it to its natural state of equilibrium.

“Today, the western world realizes the immense benefit that, traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda can provide to the ailing community. Thus Ayurveda is fast being recognized as an effective medical system all over the world leading to an increase in the demand for Ayurvedic Physicians and Teachers, Doctors in various hospitals, Colleges and other institutions in India and abroad.

Many of the students who have finished the course from our College have gone on to complete their post-graduation and others are occupying good positions all over India and abroad as Physicians, Teachers, Doctors in Government medical services, in private Nursing Homes, Rural Health service etc.

  • To train expert Ayurvedic doctors who will be the Ambassadors of our rich culture and Tradition.
  • To develop this institution as a Centre of excellence in Ayurveda education and research.
  • To impart best service to the society.
  • To become part and parcel of the National health care system.
  • To showcase the strength and wealth of our ancient medical system to the modern world.

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