Swasthasya swastya rakshanam (Preservation of health) is the main aim of Ayurveda which is obtained by practicing a healthy life style, a healthy diet, physically fit body and mind. Swasthavritta is one such department in Ayurveda which enables human being to maintain a healthy lifestyle through Ayurvedic regimens, Ayurvedic diet, and Yoga & Naturopathy practices. In our department we enable our students in maintaining a healthy life through the practice of Ayurvedic techniques in diet, lifestyle and disease prevention methods. Through swasthavritta department our students will be able to provide preventive services to society enabling common people with knowledge about communicable disease, its prevention and how to keep oneself healthy. This helps in keeping away communicable and non-communicable diseases through Ayurvedic preventive techniques.

Department also arrange educational visit to water treatment center, food industry, milk pasteurization center, PHC ( primary health center), yoga and naturopathy center for better learning and understanding the techniques used there and enabling our students in preventing and spreading of diseases by incorporating Ayurvedic swasthavritta practice with their methods.

Swasthavritta OPD

We have a functional OPD especially for swasthavritta for treating patients who suffers with lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. we also advise diet and life style modification to other OPD patients on reference and helping them heel better.