Department of Samhitha ,Siddhantha and sanskrit is the foundation of Ayurveda.This department involves in teaching the basic principles of Ayurveda and its application in daily life,diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This involves the study of original text books of ayurveda,Comprehension and application of Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda in clinical practice

Subjects of the department are :
  • Samskritam Evum Ayurveda Itihas
  • Padartha Vijnana
  • Samhitha Adhyayana
  • Charaka Samhitha poorvardha
  • Charaka samhitha uttarardha

Samhitha parayana sessions helps the students to understand original Samhithas and get in depth knowledge in sanskrit.We are having a good department library.Students can get wide prospects in the application and research oriented works of Basic Principles.

Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
1 Dr.Drisya.P.R Faculty BAMS,MD(Ayu) Samhitha evum Siddhanta MSc.Applied Psycology with Counselling AYSS00371 Associate Professor 6 years
2 Dr. Arya Parvathy Faculty BAMS, MD (Ay) Samhitha evum Siddhanta AYSS01531 Assistant Professor 2 year
3 ARYA S VIJAYAN Faculty MPhil Sanskrit AYSN00600 Assistant Professor (SANSKRIT) 1 Year 6 months
4 Dr Radhika V P Faculty BAMS, MD (Ay), DYHE AYSS01775 Assistant Professor 10 months
Department Photos