Department provides authentic Ayurveda treatment facilities for the following diseases:

Panchakarma therapies need to be performed only after the close anylysis and in depth clinical examination of the disease and the individual affected with the disease. Panchakarama has both Preventive As Well As Curative Role

Panchakarma is done in 3 stages: Poorvakarma(The Preparatory Procedure), Pradhanakarma(The Operative Procedure), Paschathkarama(The Post Operative Procedure)

Treatments like :
  • Vamana – Therapeutic Emersis
  • Virechana – Theraputic Purgation
  • Kashaya Vasthi – Therapies with decoction enema
  • Sneha Vasthi – Theraputic Enema With Unctuous Material
  • Nasyam – Nasal Administration Of Medicine
  • Raktha Mokshanam- Blood Letting Therapy.
  • kriyakarma , the classical Sneha paanam, Abhyangam Ksheeradhoomam, , Various sweda like Patrapotala swedana, choornapinda swedam,shashtika Sali pinda swedam,Jambheera Pinda Swedam , kaayasekam,are done. Udwartanam, dhanyamladhara janu vasthi lepanam shirodhara, thalapothichil, shiropichu, shiro vasthy etc
Areas Of Specilization
  • Neurology
  • Rheumatology
  • Psychiatric Illness
  • Skin Diseases
  • Liver And Kidney Diseases
  • Sports injuries
  • Life style disorders