Department of Prasuti Tantra and Stri roga provides training in Ayurvedic and Modern aspects of Obsterics Gynaecology.Prasuti Tantra deals with preconceptional care, pregnancy, labor ,post partum care and new born care.Stri roga deals with management of diseases manifesting in women of different age groups. The curriculum offers theoretical and practical knowledge in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, antenatal and post natal care, management of gynecological issues such as irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, infertility, infections and menopausal syndrome.The Department is procured with models and live specimens for extensive teaching along with a department library accoutered with Ayurvedic classical texts and latest edition medical textbooks.The Out patient Department also enables understanding of clinical conditions with examination, investigations and diagnosis through Modern and Ayurvedic methodologies.The Minor Operation theater of the department is well equipped with all instruments used for performing ayurvedic gynaecological procedures.

Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
2 Dr.CHIPPY.P.R Faculty BAMS, MS(Ayu) Prasuti Tantra evum Stri Roga, PGDY AYPS01056 HOD & Assitant Professor 3 year 10 months
1 Dr.Vandana.K.Vasudeva Faculty BAMS, MS(Ayu) Prasuti Tantra evum Stri Roga, PGDY AYPS01102 Assistant Professor 3 year
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