Agadatantra came to light as one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine disciplined and has evolved a lot over the years. Agadatantra mainly deals with the toxicological aspect of Ayurveda and code of conducts relevant to the field of medical practices including Ayurveda professional medical ethics and duty of Ayurveda physician towards patient and state. Forensic Medicine and toxicology is part of Ayurveda Undergraduate studies as AgadaTantra Vyavahara Ayurveda evum Vidhivaidyaka.

Literally, gada means a disease and agada means any agent which makes the body free from disease; however, the term agada is used specifically for the branch of medicine dealing with toxicology, the description of the different types of poisons, and their antidotes. This deals with a section of toxicology that deals with food poisoning, snakebites, dog bites, insect bites, etc. The elaborate classification of visha and the agadayogas (antitoxic formulations) are contributions useful in diagnosis, prognosis and treatments are discussed as curriculum of Third Year BAMS.

  • Treatment of different types of Poisoning ie. Animal & plant origin poisons, food poisoning, cumulative poisoning (Gara visha, dooshi visha) with classical procedures and medicines.
  • To establish an exclusive division of Cosmetology (Soundarya Chikitsa) especially skin, face and hair.
  • To establish the relevance of facts mentioned in Ayurveda by conducting Clinical Research.
Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
1 Dr.Rajin.P.V Faculty BAMS,MD(Ayu)Dravyaguna Vigyan AYDG00407 HOD & Associate Professor 7 years
2 Dr Seleena V Faculty BAMS,MD(Ayu) AYAT00554 Assistant professor 1 years 11 month
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