Ayurveda College Coimbatore has a well furnished Kriya department with all the required facilities. There are two teaching faculties with specialization in Kriyasharira and a lab assistant in the department

Shareera Kriya is the specialty of ayurveda which deals with study of normal functioning of body and mind.

This subject is the base for proper understanding of Ayurveda. Proper knowledge of normal physiology is very much important for assessment of abnormality and later for selection of right treatment.


Physiology lab: A full fledged laboratory with all necessary equipments according to the standard requirements.

Department library: A collection of essential books are made available in the dept itself for quick reference. This includes books dealing with physiology, biochemistry, pathology, samhithas and other subject books.

Charts, models, specimen- for demonstrative classes

Academic activities:

Non lecture hour competitions –sara visualization, Quiz, Dhatuparinam visualization, Presentation competition etc. conducted. In collaboration with Rachanashareera department, interdepartmental seminar, Discussion are also conducted.

Faculty Details
SL.No Name of the staff Image Qualification Teacher’s code Designation Experience
1 Dr K Vadivukkarasi Faculty BAMS, MD ( Ayu ) KRIYA SHAREERA AYKS00183 HOD & Associate Professor 6 years
2 Dr Anu KS Faculty BAMS, MD ( Ayu ) KRIYA SHAREERA AYKS00894 Assistant Professor 2 year 5 months
Department Photos